Friday, 8 May 2009

PepePhone introduces number porting promotion – Spain

Spanish MVNO PepePhone has announced details of its new number porting promotion. The promotion entitled ¡Mira que me voy! ('Here I go!') will offer customers porting their number to PepePhone a free SIM card and a flat rate call price of EUR 0.06 (USD 0.08) per minute.

According to PepePhone, which has been active as an MVNO since December 2007, the main thrust of the promotion is to allow customers to attempt to get a preferential deal from their existing mobile phone company, using the pending transfer of their number to PepePhone as a lever to negotiate a better deal.

If prospective customers are dissatisfied with the offer from their current mobile provider and choose to transfer to PepePhone they will be charged for SIM card delivery, although that will be refunded once the number has been ported successfully.