Thursday, 14 May 2009

New National Geographic Wireless Service – USA

National Geographic, together with Cellular Abroad, has introduced a new phone service that allows US residents to make and receive international calls.

Direct dial calls from the US to many international destinations, including Mexico, Canada, China and the United Kingdom, start at USD 0.17 per minute, while domestic calls are USD 0.15 per minute. Users can choose from the Motorola V3 Razr Explorer Quad Band cell phone for USD 199 and the Motorola C139 Dual Band cell phone for USD 69. Both handsets using this service include 133 minutes of free domestic talk time.

John Dumbacher, Senior Vice President of Licensing, for National Geographic, said: “The new National Geographic phone service is perfect for people who need dependable wireless service but don’t want to pay for minutes they won’t use,” “Both plans offer customers easy, reliable and budget-conscious solutions to keep in touch with friends and family here at home and overseas.”