Friday, 1 May 2009

Mobilcom introduces new tariffs – Germany

Mobilcom, which is owned by telecommunications company Freenet, has released information regarding its five new mobile tariffs. There will be five new tariffs under the Vario brand name, each including five free Mload portal downloads.

The new Mobilcom tariffs will be offered at a range of price points: the Vario 30 tariff will cost EUR 10.95 and include 30 minutes or texts a month, the Vario 50 will cost EUR 15.95 and include 50 minutes or texts a month, the Vario 100 will cost EUR 20.95 and include 100 minutes or texts, the Vario 150 will cost EUR 25.95 and include 150 minutes or texts and finally the Vario 200 will cost EUR 30.95 and will include 200 free minutes or texts a month. All inclusive minutes are to the Vario tariffs are for use within Germany.