Thursday, 14 May 2009

Blyk plans to strengthen network partnerships – UK

Blyk has hit back at news reports claiming that it was planning to end its MVNO operations in the UK.

Commenting on the media speculation Blyk spokesmen Ann Sarimo said: “We are not closing shop. We are actively expanding, and we are in negotiations with partners right now. Our members are our core asset. Our total proposition is partly based on the advertising side of things, but it’s also about the whole user experience and audience management. We are not just a technology solution, we are a total mobile marketing solution, based in part on the advertising and messaging component, but it’s very much about a total experience and an audience of happy, engaged users.”

The MVNO is seeking to strengthen the partnerships it has by selling and licensing its marketing technology. Reports speculate that Blyk are currently in talks with O2, Orange and Vodafone.

Blyk, which launched in September 2007 using the Orange network, currently gives users aged 16-24 free calls and text messages on the condition that they receive advertisements from selected partners direct to their handsets.