Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Vodafone partners with CallPlus and Slingshot – New Zealand

Vodafone has entered into new MVNO agreements with CallPlus, a New Zealand-based Internet and telecom services provider, and Slingshot, a New Zealand-based phone and Internet Service Provider (ISP). The agreement will enable CallPlus and Slingshot customers to directly purchase mobile services from them on the Vodafone network.

According to Mark Callander, General Manager of CallPlus, the company has been planning mobile services for a long time and the agreement with Vodafone will follow on from the existing agreement in regard to wholesale fixed line services on the Vodafone Red Network. Callander stated: “We stand out in the crowd already and we’ll continue to do so in the mobile market. It will be worth the wait for our customers as some of the initial product concepts are amazing. Our current focus is on gaining an intimate understanding of the mobile market, and working closely with Vodafone through this process to ensure we hit the targeted launch date.”

Commenting on the partnership, Steve Reiger, General Manager of Wholesale at Vodafone, said: “The mobile marketplace has never been more dynamic and we’re thrilled to see CallPlus place its trust and its business with us. We’ve got a good working relationship with CallPlus in the fixed line world and I’m looking forward to extending that into the mobile world.”