Thursday, 2 April 2009

Virgin Mobile introduces Opera and Connect – USA

Virgin Mobile USA has reported that it will start offering its Connect social networking application for its prepaid customers. Connect – which has been available to contract customers from November 2008 – allows Virgin Mobile users to connect to and aggregate status updates from social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Connect will also give users the chance to upload photos to Flickr and videos to YouTube. Virgin Mobile is planning to make Connect available for Shuttle, Jax and X-tc handsets.

Virgin Mobile USA has also entered into an agreement with Opera, a Norway-based developer of software solutions, specifically web browsers. Under the terms of the agreement, Virgin Mobile will distribute the Opera Mini browser on eight of its mobile phones, including Samsung Slash, Virgin Mobile Arc, Virgin Mobile Shuttle and Virgin Super Slice.

The MVNO also announced that it would be launching a new range of data packs. Prepaid customers will be offered 5mb of data for USD 5, 20mb of data for USD 10 and 50mb for USD 20. Postpaid customers will be offered 20mb for USD 5 and 50mb of data for 10 USD.

According to Virgin Mobile, customers will be able to use the facility starting April 14. Opera Mini will be available as a free download through VirginXL storefront. In addition, Virgin Mobile will preinstall the browser on selected upcoming Virgin mobile handsets.