Thursday, 9 April 2009

Virgin Mobile cuts unlimited calling plan to USD 50 a month – USA

Virgin Mobile USA has announced that it will cut the price of its unlimited calling plan from USD 80 to USD 50 a month. The plan will be available from April the 15th 2009 and current customers who pay USD 80 a month will need to contact Virgin Mobile USA to switch over to the new plan.

Virgin Mobile, who uses the Sprint network, is the latest entrant to the crowded USD 50 unlimited calling plan price point, joining T-Mobile USA, Leap, MetroPCS and Boost Mobile. Virgin Mobile’s Jayne Wallace said the move was "definitely a response to the marketplace."

The new Virgin Mobile unlimited plan does not include mobile data free of charge, which costs an additional USD 5 or USD 10 a month depending on usage, compared to other members of the USD 50 unlimited calling club who offer mobile data free as standard.