Friday, 3 April 2009

Virgin Mobile announce unlimited pay as you go tariff – UK

Virgin Mobile has introduced an innovative new pay as you go tariff called Addict. The tariff will give any Virgin Mobile pay as you go customers, who purchase a GBP 20 top-up every month, unlimited texts and mobile browsing (subject to a fair usage policy).

Alongside Virgin Mobile’s GBP 20 a month pay as you go Addict tariff they also offer a sliding scale of tariffs, including 600 free texts for GBP 15 a month and 300 texts for GBP 10 a month.

The fair usage policy attached to the new Addict tariff includes a 3,000 limit for texts messages and a 25mb cap on mobile data usage (with a 1gb monthly download limit), similar to other UK operators. Outside of this fair usage policy texts will be charged at GBP 0.10 each and GBP 0.30 for daily web access; calls will still cost a flat rate of GBP 0.20 per minute, in line with the previous pay as you go tariffs.