Monday, 6 April 2009

Tommy Telecom drags KPN to court over defective service – The Netherlands

Tommy Telecom, a rapidly growing MVNO in the Netherlands, has taken court action against KPN over poor services offered to the operator. According to Tommy Telecom, KPN had assured to correct a serious fault in its service provision, following the integration of Telfort’s mobile network. However, after the fault was not addressed by KPN for quite sometime, Tommy Telecom decided to move to another network provider. Subsequently, KPN closed down all of Tommy Telecom’s subscribers, which prompted the court action.

Tommy Telecom’s customers have been provided with new SIM cards which specify that the company has changed to ElephantTalk (using T-Mobile Netherlands’ network) from Aspider. According to Tommy Telecom, T-Mobile’s network will provide more possibilities, such as call-back functions for customers abroad, as compared to KPN, who are yet to respond on the case.