Monday, 20 April 2009

Midas Mobile announces MVNO launch – Spain

Midas Mobile has begun operating as an MVNO using the Vodafone Spain network. Midas Mobile will cater exclusively for the prepay sector of the market, with the only prerequisite being that customers must top-up with a minimum of EUR 5 (USD 6.53) credit within every 3 month period.

Midas will charge new customers EUR 0.15 a minute for national calls, EUR 0.53 a minute for international calls, EUR 0.13 per SMS and EUR 0.30 per MMS. Calls to other Midas numbers will be free (limited to 10 minutes a call, 60 minutes per day and 500 per month). Midas will offer customers who port their number to them preferential rates, charging EUR 0.07 a minute for international calls. A standard call connection fee will be charged at EUR 0.15 for national calls and EUR 0.35 for international calls.

SIM cards will cost EUR 12 each, with EUR 7 of airtime being included. Midas will also offer subsidised mobile handsets with prices starting at EUR 45 with EUR 50 airtime included.