Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Google may become an MVNO – USA

According to MarketWatch, Google along with other companies namely Intel, Comcast and Time Warner are likely to benefit from their investments in Clearwire. The WiMAX service provider has abundant spectrum, which these companies can use to pursue other wireless innovations.

Google has already been granted the right to use Clearwire’s excess spectrum for unspecified “experimental tests”. Though, it is not clear how Google will use the network, there is a possibility that it may become an MVNO to gain more control over its Android mobile phone platform. Additionally, Google and Intel have the right to “wholesale” the spectrum as operators.

Google is no stranger to MVNO speculation and as ever has made no official comment to give the market any indication that it will launch an MVNO. These are simply speculations made by the industry. More pressing for Google is likely to be finding a revenue stream from YouTube which runs at a loss and maintaining their e-advertising revenues during the crunch.