Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Gamma adds SIM-only deals to its service offerings – UK

Gamma Telecom, a UK-based MVNO, has added SIM-only deals to its portfolio of services in order to help partners win new business. The move will enable dealers to offer a broader range of handsets to business-to-business customers, as well as allowing them to pitch for machine-to-machine businesses. Gamma Telecom utilises 3 UK’s network infrastructure to run its services.

Commenting on the new option, Rob Davis, Senior Product Manager at Gamma Telecom, said: “Some companies will want to choose devices before their plan and this will allow our partners to do this. While telematics is a huge market with opportunities of up to 250,000 connections with some companies doing things such as car tracking and controlling remote wireless video cameras.”

Gamma Telecom is also aiming to expand to the data market owing to the growing sales in the net books and laptops market.