Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ex-Vodafone executive mulls new MVNO venture – UK

According to Mobile News, Keith Curran, Founder of Yes Telecom, is working on a new service provision or MVNO arrangement, specifically with O2 and Orange (Vodafone’s main competitors) in the UK. Curran left Vodafone at the end of last year. He refused to comment on the new project, possibly to be named as ‘No Telecom’ or ‘Know Telecom’. However, he admitted discussions with potential partners and work towards the establishment of a management team to launch the new venture.

Keith Curran said: “I have discussed with network operators something intrinsic and secure in the business sector; to use my understanding and links to the dealer market. The world has moved on from Yes Telecom. I have massive respect for the job it does, but the market has changed and we need new ways to service dealers’ changing views and requirements. A contemporary service provider shouldn’t be a hopper for connections that don’t deliver long-term value to the network. It has to be about giving dealers things that make them relevant to SMEs.”

“To be honest, I’m not remotely interested in competing with what is already in the market. Networks want professionals with extremely good relationships with SMEs – and that does not mean just mobile phone dealers. We should be clear on that. I would look to work closely with IT and fixed line resellers as well.”