Wednesday, 4 March 2009

TracFone Wireless extends SafeLink Wireless to Detroit – USA

TracFone Wireless, the largest MVNO in the United States with over 10 million subscribers, will expand their SafeLink Wireless service to cover 415,000 low-income households in the Detroit area.

SafeLink Wireless is a US government supported service which enables qualifying households to receive a free mobile, access to emergency services and free airtime (68 minutes a month) for one year. If all of the free airtime provided is used up then customers can purchase prepaid cards to bolster their minute allowance. This latest expansion of the SafeLink Wireless service comes after the rollout was announced in New York last month, potentially serving 1.5 million low-income New York households.

“More than 415,000 households in Detroit qualify for the Lifeline services – offering these participants the opportunity to have the same access and privileges many individuals take for granted when it comes to using cell phones,” said Jose Fuentes, Director of Government Relations for TracFone. “The SafeLink Wireless service is truly unique because we are providing a service that no other company has made available before – a free cell phone and free monthly minutes to qualifying low income families,” added Fuentes.