Thursday, 12 March 2009

TracFone offers SafeLink to residents of Genesee County - USA

TracFone Wireless will extend its US government supported SafeLink Wireless service to over 57,000 low-income households in Genesee County, Michigan. The announcement also includes over 4,000 Shiawassee County homes.

SafeLink Wireless gives eligible households a free handset, access to emergency services and 68 free minutes a month for one year. Customers can also augment their free minutes with top up cards (USD 3 for 15 minutes or USD 10 for 50 minutes) when their 68 free minutes have been used up.

Jose Fuentes, Director of Government Relations for TracFone Wireless, said: "This is one of the few times we can tell customers that free does mean free.” Fuentes went on to say that most families that earn less than USD 25,000 would qualify and an individual making USD 16,000 or less would usually qualify..

SafeLink Wireless has been introduced in New York and Detroit in recent months and Fuentes hinted that the service would soon be extended to other areas of Michigan.