Monday, 30 March 2009

ROK aims to level the playing field for MVNOs – India

ROK Entertainment, developers of mobile TV and various other mobile content services, has begun operations in India, offering their suite of products to MNOs and MVNOs. The company is marketing this launch as an opportunity for MVNOs to be able to offer competitive offerings to subscribers in line with MNOs.

ROK Entertainment Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Kendrick, said: “Until now, most MVNOs have been competing for customers through the only means they have – that of price-dumping their voice and text service offerings. However, with operator hosts doing likewise, the margins for most MVNOs have been steadily eroding and are, in many instances, unsustainable.

“Our aim is to level the playing field for MVNOs through offering them a one-stop-shop of relevant and appropriate revenue-generating services designed to raise ARPU, reduce customer churn and enable our partner MVNOs to pro-actively poach customers from rival networks.”