Friday, 13 March 2009

Consumer Cellular introduces data services - USA

Consumer Cellular, a low cost MVNO operating over the AT&T wireless network, has announced that it will introduce data service plans for all of its customers. The plans will cover web browsing and text and photo messaging.

‘Wireless Web’ will enable customers to browse news sites, view financial information and retrieve weather reports. The plan will also allow users to download ringtones, wallpapers and games to their handsets (in common with most other operators).

Consumer Cellular’s messaging service will permit users to send and receive text and photo messages from their handset.

John Marick, Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Cellular commented: “Many of our customers want simple, easy-to-use phones, but still seek messaging, convenient access to news highlights and the ability to customize their phones. By utilizing the nation’s largest voice and data network, Consumer Cellular’s Wireless Web feature will satisfy our customers’ on-the-go information needs while maintaining our company’s focus on ease of use.”

Although no clear-cut pricing structures were included with the announcement, the web data plan will be offered in a variety of guises. The text and photo messaging plan will be charged on a per use basis or alternatively by purchasing an allowance of messages in advance.