Wednesday, 25 March 2009

20:20 Mobile and Silverbean help Talkmobile increase online sales – UK

Talkmobile, an MVNO of Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s leading independent mobile phone retailer, has registered a 30% increase in its web sales conversion rate over the past month after 20:20 Mobile engaged Silverbean to increase the sales of Talkmobile SIM cards. 20:20 Mobile is the web fulfilment agent for Talkmobile.

Silverbean uses search engine optimisation and analytical data packages to generate web sales. The company evaluated the effectiveness of the site as a sales channel and took measures to increase the efficiency of the purchase process. Moreover, Silverbean ensured the visibility and of the key information to the visitors along with easy navigability.

Commenting on the development, Andrew Beckett, Head of Talkmobile’s online account for 20:20 Mobile, said: “Silverbean worked with us to gain a better understanding of the front-end efficiency of the website. The combination of its expertise in website usability and access to the latest technologies has helped us deliver a huge impact on online sales for Talkmobile."