Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Velti and Blyk to launch content portal – UK

Reports have emerged from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Velti, a mobile marketing and content services provider, have partnered with Blyk to launch the operator’s content portal, On Blyk.

Velti used parts of its MMP (Mobile Marketing Platform) to help develop and launch the portal, which will see highly targeted content, from providers such as Player X, Saffron Digital and Jumbuck, sent directly to the operator’s 16-24 year old subscribers.

Tony Pearce, Player X Chief Executive Officer said: “We liked the proposition On Blyk offered us and joined the service when we realised the flexibility of the Blyk network. We can control price points, promotional activities and the discovery of our content, in a more efficient way than other operator offerings."

Alex Moukas, Velti’s Chief Executive Officer, added: “On Blyk is a great illustration of how Velti’s technology can ensure the relevance of mobile communications, based on lifestyle or brand choices made by individuals. As Blyk members use the portal we will be able to use this behavioural insight to deliver the most compelling, relevant and timely content to them. On Blyk’s use of our personalisation technology is a key element in determining what content members will be receptive to and delivering a valued experience.”