Friday, 13 February 2009

Two Directors from 20:20 Mobile resign – UK

Two senior members of 20:20 Mobile, Phil Henchoz, Sales Director and Andy Cutler, Director for Virtual Networks, have resigned from their services amid the continuing restructuring and cost cutting measures of the company. Both of them had been with 20:20 Mobile for over a year. It is anticipated that both the roles are to be covered by existing staff and will not see any replacements.

Meinie Oldersma, Chief Executive Officer of 20:20 Mobile, wants to integrate both Dextra and 20:20, and create a leaning group structure, and the development has been seen as a step towards that direction. Following this, James Browning will be the sole UK Managing Director; Martin O’Grady, the UK Finance Head; and Andy Peat, Head of Purchasing and Marketing.

Commenting on the exits, James Browning, Managing Director of 20:20 Mobile, said: “These departures from the business are simply recognition that there are synergies we can and should make to ensure our business is as lean, efficient and “joined-up” as it needs to be in the current economic climate. We made major organisational changes last autumn when we consolidated our three UK businesses into one, and this review is the logical extension of that process.”