Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Truphone unveils roaming MVNO offering – UK

Truphone, a UK-based provider of mobile VoIP and Internet telephony services, has unveiled its MVNO offering at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new MVNO ‘Truphone Local Anywhere’ is a multi-country single SIM card service combining local calling plans, international local numbers and a VoIP network that enables its customers to make and receive domestic or international calls at cheap rates.

Truphone will officially launch the service later in 2009 with the objective to make all calls to and from its network a local call. A software client on the phone will automatically dial a local number that connects the call to one of the Truphone’s Session Initiating Protocol (SIP) gateways. Thereafter, the call is sent to Truphone’s global VoIP network that finally reaches locally at its destination. Similarly, someone calling a Truphone customer in another country would dial the recipient’s personal local number, which will connect through the same IP infrastructure to the location where the Truphone customer is located.