Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Skyrock aspire to enter mobile market - France

The French rap and R&B radio station as well as youth oriented social networking site Skyrock, is reported to be in negotiations with MNOs over its potential entry to the French mobile market.

Pierre Bellander, 30% shareholder of Skyrock’s parent company Orbus, told French financial daily Les Echos that they were considering a launch into the French market.

Skyrock will attempt to corner the lucrative youth segment of the market with Skyrock’s social networking site, the 7th largest social networking site in the world, giving it a hefty potential user base to appeal to. Skyrock hosts over 22.5 million blogs and is consistently ranked as one of the top ten websites in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

According to French telecommunications regulator Arcep, MVNOs currently make up just over 5% of the current French mobile market and some industry insiders have questioned Skyrock’s ability to increase or grab part of this existing share.