Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Government allows CMC Telecom to provide telecom services – Vietnam

The government of Vietnam has allowed CMC Telecom Infrastructure, a provider of data, telecom infrastructure, value-added and customer care services, to establish a network and provide fixed and Internet services alongside other state-owned operators. CMC is the second private company after FPT Telecom that has been given permission to enter the telecom infrastructure sector.

Commenting on the development, an official of CMC Telecom, said: “It is too early to say anything about the license as we are waiting for MIC to give us the license which will define which services and projects we are allowed to join in on”.

CMC intends to utilise WiMAX technology for broadband services and to provide mobile services through an MVNO license once the service becomes operational in Vietnam. The official added: “This is the first step for us to penetrate fixed telecom network development and WiMAX and MVNO is beyond that.”

In 2008, MIC granted two VoIP and network installation licenses including one to Indochina Telecom Company, which is also mulling an MVNO license. Currently, Vietnam has five Internet exchanges, 11 ISPs and over 20 open service providers.