Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BT Mobile lets subscribers call free phone numbers for free – UK

BT Mobile, a confusing service made up of the closed BT Fusion service, the closed BT Mobile service and BT Total Broadband, are to allow their subscribers to call 0800 numbers for free. Within the UK 0800 numbers are free to call from a fixed line but MNOs and MVNOs charge users for making these calls.

John Petter, Managing Director of BT's consumer business, said: "We think that mobile customers are irritated by having to pay high rates to call 'free' 0800 numbers, so we have put our own house in order by making it free for any BT Mobile customer to call these numbers."

This could be part of the BT marketing machine kicking into action as there is also talk of BT giving the mobile business another attempt. This would follow on from their selling off BT Cellnet (now o2), the BT Fusion service and the BT Mobile service. Adding mobile to the offering again may be a necessary move for BT as rival Virgin Media now offers quadruple play services (digital TV, fixed line, mobile and Internet) and consumers are increasing ditching fixed line telephony all together.