Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Blyk justifies its pricing moves – UK

More than 22,000 Blyk customers showed their resentment towards the company’s change in pricing structure late last year, which Blyk justified as a precautionary measure during the economic recession. Blyk members used to receive 217 texts and 43 minutes of call per month in lieu of receipt of advertisements. Out-of-bundle prepay charges were applicable at 15p (USD 0.22) per minute and 10p (USD 0.15) per text. However, Blyk introduced a new GBP 15 (USD 22.26) plan that offers any combination of free text, call and data usage at prepay rates (data charged at GBP 1 (USD 1.48) per MB).

Commenting on the company’s move, Antti Ohrling, Co-founder and UK Chief Executive Officer of Blyk, said: “Blyk is aware that GBP 15 (USD 22.26) of free credit is not as much 'free' as you've received in the past. The changes that Blyk is making today will ensure that Blyk can continue to bring members 'free' communication long into the future. And like many of you have said: 'It's far better to have Blyk than not to have Blyk at all'."

Blyk claims to have signed more than 200,000 customers in the UK and over 200 brands using its service, since its debut 18 months ago.