Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Virgin Mobile USA provides update on Q4 subscriber data – USA

Virgin Mobile USA has provided an update on its Q408 subscriber data. According to the company, they added 216,000 new subscribers in Q4, with churn of 4.8% and now have a total of 5.38 million subscribers (including subscribers of acquired MVNO Helio). These figures are much better in comparison to Q3, where they lost more than 3,000 subscribers with a churn of around 5%. Interestingly the figures are similar to that of MetroPCS (US MNO) who claim to have 5.4 millions subscribers and a churn of 5.1%.

Commenting on the subscriber growth, Dan Schulman, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Mobile USA, said: “Our new offers have helped lead to strong customer growth and improved retention as consumers look for value and flexibility during uncertain economic times. Our hybrid plans continue to grow in popularity, accounting for over 50% of our gross ads in October and November and 29% of our subscriber base at the end of November. We expect the growth of these plans to lead to continued improvement in ARPU trends in the fourth quarter of 2008.”