Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tracfone blames officials for free phone service for the poor failing – USA

America Movil’s US operation, TracFone, has publicly aired their concerns regarding local officials negative involvement in a scheme to give mobile phones to poor users in regards to an issue with access to the national emergency telephone number, 911.

Jose Fuentes, Director of Government Relations, TracFone Wireless said: "This is an unfortunate situation where those who need our program the most in the greater Philadelphia area are losing out for no good reason. The notion that that there are special E911 technical issues or legal liabilities in the Philadelphia area is, quite simply, preposterous. Other states, cities and counties across the U.S. have weighed these same issues and proceeded to certify our program in order to connect their poorest citizens to the telecommunications system. The only thing that local officials have to certify is that our cell phones have the ability to dial and connect to 911 call centers regardless of activation status or prepaid minutes. That can be tested and proven in a matter of minutes."

TracFone claims that the officials’ involvement is preventing 450,000 needy recipients from receiving a free phone. They have made it clear that the service is working correctly and that those who are now aggrieved should directly contact the officials concerned.