Monday, 26 January 2009

Simyo celebrates its first birthday with new promotions – Spain

Simyo, the Spanish MVNO subsidiary of KPN, is completing one year of its operations on January 29. In order to celebrate this achievement the company has launched various promotions. Customers can acquire a Simyo prepaid card for EUR 1 (USD 1.30), with EUR 5 (USD 6.50) for voice calls. In addition, a bonus of EUR 5 (USD 6.50) will be given for the first and second mobile top-up. Users who take up the company’s 3.5G flat-rate data plan, with up to 5 GB for mobile traffic for a monthly fee of EUR 24.4 (USD 31.70), can purchase a Toshiba G450 USB modem for EUR 59 (USD 76.66).

In order to attract online customers, Simyo have revamped their online store by incorporating more offers, new products and promotions. According to Jochen Doppelhammer, General Director of KPN Spain, the company also plans to launch a flat-rate voice service in 2009.