Wednesday, 21 January 2009

LogicStar introduces MSSE software for MNOs – UK

LogicStar, a UK-based company specialising in Mobile, VOIP, fixed line and messaging systems has released the world’s first Mobile Shared Spectrum Enabler (MSSE) system and software. The software will enable MNOs to provide MVNOs with the ability to create their own base stations, operating under the MNOs spectrum license, without interfering with the MNOs mainstream network.

Commenting on the release, Sean Murray, Chief Executive Officer of LogicStar, said: “We are pleased to now be able to offer a solution that will see MVNOs being able to strengthen their profit margins by creating their own networks and yet still being able to take advantage of the MNOs core network, not only does the MVNO benefit, but also the MNO if they choose to take advantage of additional coverage obtained by the MVNO. We have already taken orders in Europe that will see this new technology service a potential market of some 50 million. It means essentially that the MVNO is no longer tied to the MNOs network and therefore can offer extensive coverage in areas that were seen to be not commercially viable by the MNO.”

According to the company, the MSSE software is comparably much lower in price and provides more features to its clients than currently available in the market. Moreover, the release of MSSE software will put the company in league with leading industry suppliers, such as Nokia, Nortel, etc.

This is an interesting development within the MVNO world. It could be where the next surge of launches will come from with MVNOs launching in remote communities which could also benefit from received roaming revenues or it could all be slammed shut by governments desperate to shore up their budget deficits, stating that no spectrum license means no network build out.