Thursday, 29 January 2009

Government set to allow MVNOs in the country – Israel

Ministry of Communications (MoC) of Israel has announced that the country will allow MVNOs to operate in its telecom sector. According to the regulator, the entry of MVNOs will increase the competition in the market and several operators have already expressed their interest in the model.

The MoC has drafted a new regulation in this regard, including the main conditions and requirements for MVNO applicants. The regulator has invited comments from the industry and other relevant parties without specifying any date for the framework’s implementation.

Commenting on the framework, Ariel Attias, Minister of Communications, said: “The entry of additional operators to the mobile sector will change the game and will alter the balance that has prevailed among the companies in the recent years; any step taken to increase the competition in this sector, ultimately assists in reducing prices for the consumer, mainly in the private sector.”