Tuesday, 27 January 2009

EMBARQ Wireless and CenturyTel merger receives shareholder approval – USA

At a special meeting of CenturyTel shareholders in Monroe, La., CenturyTel shareholders approved the issuance of CenturyTel common stock to EMBARQ shareholders in connection with the proposed merger. This proposal was approved by more than 96% of the total votes cast at the meeting by CenturyTel shareholders.

Tom Gerke, EMBARQ Chief Executive Officer, said: "The extremely strong support illustrates shareholder understanding of the value created by this combination. Implementing best practices and best-in-class operational support systems will enhance our customer experience. Expanded networks, knowledge and experience will enhance the combined company's ability to deliver a broad range of products and services. The combined company will strive to be the leading broadband provider in our markets."

EMBARQ currently offers mobile services over Sprint’s network as well as a most other mainstream telecommunications services.