Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Clearwire launches cheaper WiMAX service – USA

Clearwire Corporation, a provider of high-speed wireless Internet services, has launched its mobile WiMAX service in Portland, Oregon. Plans for “Clear” home Internet service start at USD 20 per month, with speeds up to 786 Kbps, which can further reach up to 3 Mbps with an additional USD 10 per month. Users can also access speeds up to 6 Mbps by paying USD 40 per month. The company has also introduced on-the-go plans starting at USD 30 per month, which allows users the data download up to 200 MB. By paying USD 40 per month, they can download up to 2 GB of data. However, both the plans include a USD 10 per GB coverage fee. Users can also opt for an unlimited Internet usage plan by shelling out USD 50 per month.

The current pricing of the company is lower than that offered last year by Sprint Nextel (in partnership with Clearwire under the ‘Xohm’ brand) in Baltimore at USD 35 per month for home and USD 45 per month for mobile users. Meanwhile, Sprint Nextel plans to offer its own WiMAX service under the brand “Sprint 4G” through an MVNO relationship with Clearwire.

In the coming months, Clearwire will replace the Xohm brand in Baltimore with its own “Clear” brand. The company also plans to provide cheaper mobile WiMAX modems at USD 50 (USB laptop-plug-in modem from Motorola) as against Xohm’s home modem at USD 80 and Sprint Nextel’s “Sprint 4G” modem at USD 150. The modems of the company can be leased for USD 5 per month.