Friday, 9 January 2009

Blyk appoints new CEO – UK

Blyk, an ad-funded youth MVNO, has announced Antii Ohrling, Co-founder and current Executive Director of the company, as Blyk’s UK Chief Executive Officer. He will replace Shaun Greogry who has resigned due to personal reasons. Ohrling along with Pekka Ala-Pietila founded the company in 2006.

Commenting on the development, Antii Ohrling said: “In 2008, Blyk achieved milestones in member and advertiser growth in the UK and it was a pivotal year for Blyk in demonstrating that the model works for both young people and advertisers alike. We thank Shaun for his contribution to this success”.

Also moving for now, Ala-Pietila will lead the Blyk’s international media partnering approach, in order to capitalise on the new and existing growth opportunities for its media model. Recently, the company received an additional GBP 35.6 million (USD 53.86 million) funding to support its international expansion plans. The market is currently awaiting their planned launched in the Netherlands.