Monday, 29 December 2008

Tele2 Netherlands clarifies its stand on warranty policy – Netherlands

Remco Meerstra, a spokesperson of Tele2 Netherlands, has clarified that the company does not plan to change its mobile telephone warranty policy. He was replying to remarks from the Dutch consumer authority that Tele2 should be responsible for repairs of damaged handsets (as the company has delivered the handset) instead of sending it to the manufacturer.

Currently, Tele2 sends the broken handsets directly to the manufacturer. According to the company, it cannot provide repair services as it does not have shops to receive damaged handsets from its clients. Meerstra added that the company has agreements with all the mobile manufacturers that enable direct delivery of handsets to them. However, service points express difficulty in sending the handsets directly to the manufacturers due to non-availability of IMEI numbers on handsets, which renders the warranty invalid. In reply to their concerns, Meerstra said that clients can directly approach Tele2 in case they were not helped by the handset manufacturer, and get a replacement.