Monday, 15 December 2008

Talkster launches new software application for operators – Canada

Talkster, a Canadian provider of mobile voice and text communication services to online communities, has introduced a new mobile application named ‘talki’ which eliminates the need of a carrier infrastructure for delivering new voice, text and multimedia services to customers. The application also allows companies to create new revenue and marketing opportunities.

Commenting on the new application, James Wanless, Chief Operating Officer of Talkster, said: “Telecommunications services are becoming increasingly commoditized and with phone number portability, subscribers are less inclined to remain loyal to their service providers. With retail prices for basic wireless services reaching a floor in most markets, a door has opened for providing new features that can stem subscriber churn. But being at the mercy of carriers forced to cut back on innovation during the economic slowdown for new services may keep companies at a competitive disadvantage for an unknown number of years. Talki lets MVNOs deliver innovative new services at the device level, completely bypassing the dependence on carrier infrastructure. At the same time media companies can use talki for expanding their brand to the mobile channel without the need to experiment with becoming their own MVNO."

The new application, built on Java Micro Edition (J2ME), enables a compelling voice, text and multimedia service which results in lower usage fees and saves customers money. The company has built healthy margins into the offer by combining advertising subsidies together with a recurring revenue subscription. The new application provides unlimited text and picture messaging between ‘talki’ clients and a mobile-optimised service for connecting long distance and international calls on the Talkster network at the cost of a local call.