Tuesday, 16 December 2008

D3 Mobile launches MVNO service – Kosovo

D3 Mobile, a subsidiary of Dukagjini Telecommunications, has launched its MVNO service in Kosovo. The company will utilise the network infrastructure of IPKO, the second-largest mobile phone operator, and will use the 043 phone code. Initially the company offer around 20,000 SIM cards and will provide the same services that are currently in use in the country. Commenting on the launch of its MVNO service, Kujtim Gacaferri, Head of Dukagjini Telecommunications, said: “D3 Mobile is a new incentive for further development in telecommunication in Kosovo”.

Currently, there are two mobile operators officially operating in the country namely Vala (owned by Kosovo’s Post and Telecommunication) and IPKO (which launched in 2007). However, there are also some Serbian telecommunication operators that are unofficially operating in certain parts of the country.